Interpretation | emphysema


Actual 1 / blue curve: pre bronchodilator, Actual 2 / red curve: post bronchodilator.

(1) Spirometry | qualitative assessment

Flow-volume-curve in an “armchair” shape with an emphysema kink. No relevant change after bronchodilation.

(2) Spirometry | quantitative assessment

Reduced Tiffeneau index to 31% following bronchodilation. Taken together with FEV1 reduced post-dilatory to 25%, this thus corresponds to a very severe case of obstruction.

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(3) Bodyplethysmography | residual volume

TLC elevated to 147%, RV increased to 248% of the respective target value with increase in the quotient to 68%. In synopsis with the marked club shape of the flow-volume curve and consequently overall severe emphysema, judging from the body plethysmography.

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(4) Bodyplethysmography | flow-pressure-curve

Extreme club shape, cutting angle of the loop > 90°. No improvement when bronchodilation is performed.

(5) Functional tests

When the Tiffeneau index is decreased and FEV1 reduced, bronchodilation is performed. Here, neither significant change in obstruction nor emphysema was observed.

(6) Transfer factor

Severely reduced transfer factor without distribution disturbance.

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Severe emphysema with severe obstruction without significant bronchodilation effects. Severely reduced transfer factor.