Interpretation | restriction


(1) Spirometry | qualitative assessment

Overall diminished flow-volume curve: egg-shaped

(2) Spirometry | quantitative assessment

Vital capacity reduced to 50% of the predicted value with normal tiffeneau index.

mehr Severity classification

(3) Bodyplethysmography residual volume

Residual volume at normal values with total lung capacity decreased to 70%. The severity classification takes place with respect to vital capacity, so that the restriction present is still only moderately severe.

mehr Severity classification

(4) Bodyplethysmography flow-pressure-curve

Unremarkable, with a cutting angle of the loops < < 90°.

(5) Functional tests

Not necessary

(6) transfer factor

Formally severely reduced transfer factor in association with considerable distribution disturbance.

mehr Severity classification


Moderately severe restriction with considerable distribution disturbance.