While the individual aspects of diagnostics have been addressed in the "Basics" part, the section "Interpretation" has the purpose of providing a quick diagnostic algorithm in seven steps without detailed explanation. The degree of severity can also be displayed at the appropriate places. In addition, there are examples of pulmonary function findings difficult to interpret due to e.g. poor cooperation or obesity.


VC IN inspiratory vital capacity
FVC forced vital capacity
FEV1 forced expiratory volume in one second
FEV1%VC Tiffeneau index
PEF peak expiratory flow
RV residual volume
TLC total lung capacity
DLCO SB transfer factor (= TLCO)
DLCO/VA transfer coefficient (VA = ventilated alveolar volume)

Sample findings

Color coding

With bronchodilation testing, the values given under Actual 1 and blue curves represent the condition prior to bronchodilation. Those values given under Actual 2 and red curves represent the condition after bronchodilation.