Interpretation | obstruction


Actual 1 / blue curve: pre bronchodilator, Actual 2 / red curve: post bronchodilator.

(1) Spirometry | qualitative assessment

Flow-volume curve in “armchair” shape with reduced peak flow prior to bronchodilation, nearly complete normalization following administration of bronchodilators.

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(2) Spirometry | quantitative assessment

Reduced Tiffeneau index to 42%, nearly back to normal after bronchodilation, to 75% at a FEV1 of 84%.

(3) Bodyplethysmography | residual volume

Residual volume and total lung capacity elevated. Significant decrease to 156% and 128% of the predicted value following bronchodilation, as with air trapping

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(4) Bodyplethysmography | flow-pressure-curve

Cutting angles of the loops > 90°. Club shape prior to administration of bronchodilator with nearly complete reversal.

(5) Functional tests

With decreased Tiffeneau index and lowered FEV1, bronchodilation is performed showing a significant increase in the FEV1 by 900 ml and 87%. Beware: for severity classification only the post bronchodilator values are considered.

(6) Transfer factor

Normal value transfer factor.

mehr Severity classification


Mild obstruction with significant bronchodilation success. No emphysema, marked air trapping. Unremarkable transfer factor.